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Michelle Jacinto
Michelle JacintoBranch Manager
NMLS# 209470

219.924.5554 (o)
866.725.1274 (f)
219.501.1011 (c)

Pat Quinn
Pat QuinnLoan Originator
NMLS# 901593

219.924.5554 (o)
866.725.1274 (f)
219.292.7947 (c)


The DML Team

Alyssa Hart
Alyssa HartProcessor
219.237.0402 (o)
866.588.0916 (f)
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Anna Tommasello
Anna TommaselloMarketing Director
410.891.3976 (o/f)
443.876.6066 (c)
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Anthony Naumoski
Anthony NaumoskiCredit Analyst/Production Assistant
219.924.5554 (o)
866.725.1274 (f)
219.237.8298 (c)

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Cara Hausman
Cara HausmanLoan Partner
NMLS# 1194485
219.924.5554 (o)
866.725.1274 (f)
219.237.0931 (c)

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Heyden Smith
Heyden SmithSr. Loan Processor
219.230.9467 (o/f)
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Jamie Heckler
Jamie HecklerAdministrative Assistant
219.203.3479 (o/f)

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Jax LaFlech
Jax LaFlechLead Caller
219.301.1243 (o/f)

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Julie Mader
Julie MaderProcessor
219.240.1712 (o/f)

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Kelly Makarewicz
Kelly MakarewiczLoan Partner
219.924.5554 (o)
219.301.0066 (c)

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Marie Francois
Marie FrancoisProcessor
219.230.4763 (o/f)
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Michelle Arceo
Michelle ArceoLoan Partner
219.237.4870 (c)
219.924.5554 (o)
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Mona Maynard
Mona MaynardLead Caller
219.228.7599 (f/c)
219.924.5554 (o)
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Pam Kubacki
Pam KubackiLoan Partner
o/f: 219.237.8454
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Pam Shosey
Pam ShoseyLoan Partner
NMLS # 891359

219.924.5554 (o)
810.220.9719 (c)
866.725.1274 (f)

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Rebekah Graham
Rebekah GrahamProduction Manager
443-541-5545 (o)
866-370-5747 (f)
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Tammy Stanley
Tammy StanleyReceptionist/Lead Caller
219.924.5554 (o)
219.301.1298 (c)
866.725.1274 (f)
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Tim Spitzer
Tim SpitzerLoan Partner
NMLS # 1774946

o/f: 443.632.0571

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Direct Mortgage Loans is a licensed, direct lender committed to outstanding mortgage solutions and building lifelong relationships. The knowledge and experience of our professional loan officers, processors, and underwriters is the foundation of our company. We have earned a reputation for integrity, customer service excellence, award-winning staff and efficient processes. When you work with Direct Mortgage Loans, you’ll receive prompt, personal service that enhances the home buying experience. We realize that there are many lenders to choose from.

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